The Power Is Reel

If you’re feeling a little stuck with how to get the consumer data your business needs, we’ve got something to tell you: 

You know how the data giants are telling you that you absolutely need to rely on their data or else? Well, they act like they’re the only game in town, buuuuuuuut they’re not. And that contact list you’re thinking of purchasing? It costs too much money and isn’t even that legit for something that’s gonna be a thing of the past.

Truth is, the power to capture and control the consumer data you crave is right there in your hands. It’s Reel, a managed microsite service, launched from a QR code, that you can launch in as little as one day to immerse audiences in your brand and encourage them to provide their information directly to you. 

Why Did We Build Reel?

We already had a website that explained our story, our services and our epic record of client satisfaction. What we needed next was a tool to help us take control, gather our own data fast, build our own contact lists and begin nurturing leads.

But what was the best way to do it? We were seeing the tech giants restricting any data sources that weren’t theirs, and we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on sales lists that could just turn out to have bogus, outdated contacts we’d never convert.And that’s when we looked up and saw a QR code on literally every damn thing. Everything from restaurant menus to street lights have a scannable QR code on ‘em these days, so we figured, “Why not make those way more useful for brands?” And that’s how Reel was born.

All of that’s another way of saying
Reel is the best, fastest way for you to take control of your consumer data right now.

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