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Say Hello to Rebelware.

As a young startup company, we were selling fast and hiring faster. Our growth meant more work, piles of growing tasks, and endless projects. We needed to stop the pain and, like you, we’d had enough of off-the-shelf tools that promised to solve all our problems. All of them were over-engineered and expensive, and none of them worked for a business of our size.

So, we said “F*ck it. Let’s build it ourselves.”

Rebelware became the exact suite of tools we needed to solve the exact problems we struggled with. Think we’re kidding? Just ask Joe.

Rebelware At-A-Glance

Laptop view of Scout jobs dashboard
Blank desktop
Number of applicants throughout the week
View of all applicants in Scout

Scout Your Next Hire

  • Post new positions
  • Integrate with your job listings on main recruiting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed and more
  • Boost paid position placements directly through Scout
  • Manage your applicant pipeline
  • Drag & drop applicant status progress interface
  • Easily search applicant resume databases
  • Gather feedback from interviewers
  • Rate candidates
  • Take notes with various levels of security
  • Flexible roles and user access levels
  • Performance reporting on job openings and applicant pipeline
Team view of days off in Leaf
Blank desktop
Leaf PTO has been approved message on mobile
Manage PTO requests using Leaf

Turn Over a New Leaf

  • One-click PTO requests
  • Multi-level manager approval routing
  • Employees manage their own PTO balance
  • Customize PTO allowance by employee
  • Calendar view of time off across the company
  • Flexible roles and user access levels
Example presentation for Spark
Media Library in Spark
Mobile view of my presentations in Spark
My presentations view in Spark

Ignite Your Sales Efforts

  • Centralize your entire media and asset library
  • Powerful and customizable presentation templates
  • Control brand and messaging with edit access
  • Generate branded landing pages
  • Personalizations at every turn
  • Quickstart implementation to get up and running fast

By enabling a quick, easy data capture process with a streamlined microsite your audiences can access by scanning a QR code, Reel keeps you from worrying about how to get customers into the sales funnel, and gives you more time to focus on how you can help those audiences convert.

Are you ready to jump in?