Woman with dog on her lap looking over PTO calendar in Leaf

Managing Time Off Shouldn’t Result in Time Lost

Tracking paid time off requests may seem like a, “we can do it ourselves,” type of task.

Until your business starts growing, you hire more and more people and your senior leaders’ expectations grow too.

So why waste precious time on mindless, repetitive tasks when a solution like Leaf exists?

What takes five minutes here and there starts adding up the more your organization grows.

But with an easy, pricing as cost-effective as Leaf, the process becomes a no-brainer, and you can get back to doing all the other things that make your business amazing.

Why Did We Build Leaf?

The pressure on HR is real. PTO requests were flying in, and the faster we grew, the more these small but important tasks piled up. It came down to our most senior head of HR calculating each employee’s PTO balance manually in spreadsheets and email folders. It was time we dusted off our process to reimagine it. That’s when we built Leaf — a better way to request, approve, and manage the Time Off Requests for your employees and teams.

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